Vicki Romero Foundation


The VRF mission is to assist youth with career, educational and self-growth opportunities to provide a path for personal, academic and career success.


Vicki Romero Foundation provides opportunities for youth to reach their maximum potential in life!

This means affording them the opportunities to participate in personal growth and learning programs. We also provide an ample pool of career tools and opportunities for career success and advancement.


The purpose of the Vicki Romero Foundation is to raise funds to support underfunded needs to support youth as they pursue higher education, career goals and become amazing individuals.


Local, National and International Workshops, Conferences or Events

  • Art Programs
  • Service Learning
  • Community Projects
  • Study Abroad
  • School Garden Programs
  • Dorm Expenses
  • Books for College
  • College Tuition
  • Health Needs, i.e. eye glasses
  • Law Related Services
  • College Application