Partnership with NFL Yet Academy


The Vicki Romero Foundation in partnership with NFL Yet Academy has been working with a great group of high school seniors who are planning on attending community college or university when they graduate. Our group is called the VICKI ROMERO FOUNDATION International Scholars as they are working towards hosting and then visiting their sister school students in Folignio, Italy. This program assists our students to see that their hard work to get into college despite immense financial limitations can provide them opportunities that most college students are able to experience who don’t have these hardships.

The students plan to host the students from Italy when they graduate in May 2014. They will accompany the students from Italy to important cultural and outdoor hallmarks of Phoenix, Arizona, and the United States. They’re planning visits to the Heard Museum, the Arizona History Museum, and the Desert Botanical Garden, among others. They hope to raise enough money to spend one night visiting Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. The students also want to host a typical American barbecue and take their Italian friends on a shopping mall trip and to a water park.

The students from Italy are learning English and hope this trip will provide them the opportunity to improve their English language skills while forming friendships with American students and learning about life in Arizona. The VICKI ROMERO FOUNDATION International Scholars plan to visit their Italian friends in Italy during their winter break in December 2014. The students know they must complete their first semester of college successfully to be eligible to go. They have already begun fundraising activities to start saving for the portion they will contribute to going on the trip.
In Italy they will visit Florence and Assisi, which are located near Folignio while staying with the families of the students from their sister school. They will spend two days in Rome before departing. The scholars are very excited to be able to travel domestically and internationally. Most have never been to the Grand Canyon themselves and not have ever been on or ever dreamed they would ever be on an airplane traveling overseas. They have started corresponding with their sister school students to establish report and friendship. Attached you will find several of the letters that have been sent. The Vicki Romero Foundation is proud to be a part of enhancing the academic and career success of these NFL yet seniors by working with them on the this extremely beneficial and life-changing international exchange project. The students would be very grateful for any tax deductible donations you may be able to give towards making this venture a success.

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